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NAME: “Cinabro”

PRODUCTION AREA: San Giovanni d’Asso

GRAPE VARIETIES: Sangiovese 85%, Colorino 15%

SOIL: Medium texture, developed on calcareous ground

CULTIVATION SYSTEM: Spurred cordon with 8 buds per plant.
Planting 2,80x0,80 m; density: 4500 grape-vines/hectare

ALTITUDE: 260-300 m above sea level

MICROCLIMATE: mild winter with occasional frosts, hot summers with little rains.

PRODUCTION PER HA: 55 hectolitres

CULTIVATION: All processes are carried out taking account of the environment and the local culture, in order to try to interfere as little as possible with its natural course. The vineyard is carefully processed by hand, according to the principles of organic farming.  The grapes are accurately selected before the harvest in order to increase its quality. 

VINIFICATION: 15 days of fermentation (temperature below 30°), followed by maceration on the skins (10 days about), ageing in french oaks (barriques) for 12 months. Before being sold the wine lies in bottles for 5 months. 

COLOR: purplish red

SMELL: ripe fruit of sour cherry and cherry, with balsamic and spiced notes.

TASTE: while entering the mouth, the wine is warm and creamy, powerfull but balanced, the finish is persistant. 

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10/12°C; storage 8-10°C
red meat, game, roasts, Florentine steak and so on.